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Reshape your body in about an hour with Liposculpture!

Diet and exercise are important for overall health, but age and genetics determines our body shape.

Without liposculture you may never get the body you want. Our liposculpture technique permantly removes fat and stimulates skin tightening. Not just for skinny peoples with localized fat but also for heave persons our Liposculpture can remove the fat in almost any part of the body, only with local anesthesia.

• Minimal downtime. Go back to work the same or next day.
• Only local numbing. You may remain awake and walk-in and walk-out.
• No unsightly scars. our micto-technique does not require stitches.
• Most patiens report that the procedure is virtually pain free.
• Promotes skin tightening in patients of all ages.

• Permanent results.You'll see body contoour changes that last.

Liposculpture with Local Anesthesia is safe.

Liposcultura with local anesthesia removes as much fat as the traditional liposuction and has a faster recovery with minimal downtime. There is no heavy anesthesia and you can stay awake during the procedure, avoiding the risks of the general anesthesia. For anxious patients, our anesthesiologist that it is always with us in the surgical room, can give you a light medication to tranquilize you. There are no points and nor drains.

Liposcultpure is permanent

Liposculptue removes permanently the non wanted fat of our body - once removed the fat, she leaves forever. The fat removed by the lipoesculpture doesn't grow again. After the lipoesculpture you will always have less fat cells in the area treated that now.

Liposcultura works

Differently then spas or crazy diets, lipoesculpture removes immediately the non wanted fat. Most procedures takes around 60 minutes and right after you already begin to see the differences. Lipoesculpture removes most part of your fat and it helps tithing the skin giving a more harmonious aspect.